Put Some Organization In Your Organization

Life is busy.  Life is hectic. Life can be out of control.  

Whether it’s you, you and your family, or your family and a business, it’s imperative to get and stay organized.  Without proper organization, you’re not positioned for success and that’s no good. Particularly because there are so many tools and resources at our fingertips.  

An underlying theme of the majority of Money Savage episodes is cash flow; specifically, making sure you have a handle on it.  Recently, after the episode with Colin Overweg, where he discussed reaching financial independence, and the episode with Nick Aiola, where he discussed taxes and real estate, I recognized the need to share some practical resources for ensuring you’re not only understanding your cash flow and budgeting needs, but also tracking them. 

Obviously, this presupposes you know and keep a budget, but even if you don’t yet, these tools can help you get there.  I’m going to highlight two free and valuable resources, but please know that there are many others out there.

Mint is a wonderful resource for all things budgeting and cash flow, particularly for individuals and families.  Not only does it provide free tools, it also has an account aggregator which can pull info from all of your financial accounts onto one dashboard.  

Freshbooks a great resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  If you’ve ever tried to create an invoice from a word doc, you know what a lousy idea that is.  Freshbooks has a lot of great templates and resources to help you manage your business’ cash flow.  

You need to be on top of your money and where it’s going.  Getting organized can seem daunting, but a first step is having the right tools.  You can do this!

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