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September’s Featured Book and Author

The book walks you through some of the biggest money decisions you’ll make regarding real estate, investing, debt management, careers, friends and money, family finances, and even health and wellness. You’re guided by proven examples and given the information you need to make choices that are right for you.

How to Be a Financial Grownup will especially appeal to you if you’re interested in new ideas to better manage your finances, especially if you’re going through life changes where you have to pay more attention to your financial well-being.

August’s Featured Book and Author

Do you want to experience amazing bucket list adventures more often?

Without having to quit your day job and become a digital nomad? If so – you’re in the right place.

As of busy working parent, I struggled to find free time for myself. I spent years watching other people carry out their travel bucket lists. I felt stuck and thought I wouldn’t be able to do any of these until I was older and had more freedom.

Then I thought, “What am I waiting for?” “Why can’t I try to do this now?”  I began experimenting with ways to free up my time and money to carry out my own dream list. Before I knew it, I was experiencing activities and my own unique bucket list ideas.

I was steering a Duck Boat on the Charles River. I was looking up in awe at the Statue of Liberty from the base. I was careening down a zip line at a high speed.

I was living life and loving it. 

July’s Featured Book and Author

As your parents age, you may find that you want or need to broach the often-difficult subject of finances. In Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations with Your Parents About Their Finances, you’ll learn the best ways to approach this issue, along with a wealth of financial and legal information that will help you help your parents into and through their golden years.

Sometimes parents are reluctant to address money matters with their adult children, and topics such as long-term care, retirement savings (or lack thereof), and end-of-life planning can be particularly touchy. In this book, you’ll hear from others in your position who have successfully had “the talk” with their parents, and you’ll read about a variety of conversation strategies that can make talking finances more comfortable and more productive.

June‘s Featured Book and Author

From Here to Financial Happiness is the day-by-day guide for anyone dreaming of a better life. Whether you’re dealing with debt, uncertain about retirement or simply want to get a grip on your finances, this book can put you on the road to happiness with a simple 11-week journey. Just 5-10 minutes a day to think about money, your habits, your goals, and your dreams. What steps can you take today to get your finances on track? What bad habits, bad investments, and misconceptions should you let go of? This book is packed with 77 days’ worth of real, actionable guidance for getting your money right—for good. It’s not an investment scheme, not extreme couponing, not something else to add to your daily to-do list. Instead, it’s about changing you—and the way you handle and think about money—so you can start building the life of your dreams.    

May‘s Featured Book and Author

In personal finance, the number of choices and complexity of each option makes it difficult to get started.Making Money Simple gives you a clear starting point, focuses only on the most important decisions to make, andcreates a saving system that quietly nudges your finances in the right direction without regular effort on your part.

April’s Featured Book and Author

Feeling rich is the difference between just existing and being gloriously, deeply, passionately alive, living the very best life you were born to lead.

What does feeling rich have to do with actually being rich? Plenty, it turns out. Your beliefs and feelings about money drive how you see yourself and how you define “rich.”

The Feel Rich Project starts by analyzing your specific history with and feelings about money, then uses that information to help you redirect your life where you want it to go. It’s a uniquely personal experience during which you will:
Explore your needs, values, and beliefs–what does true wealth look like for you?
Learn how your life experiences created your money beliefs and habits.
Understand how to replace destructive money habits with those that support your vision of a happy life.
Create a just-for-you action plan to meet your goals and start living richly.

Sometimes you need help to energetically and purposefully pursue the life you crave. The Feel Rich Project is an inspirational but practical guide to help you build your true wealth, a compassionate, warm, momentum-building program for all who dare to seek meaning and joy.

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March’s Featured Book and Author

Build your own wealth vision, invest wisely, and create the financial freedom you want

The most powerful word in wealth building is choice. Don’t limit your financial future based on conventional wisdom. Understand your personal financial drivers, take control of your money, and leverage it to create your ideal future, not somebody else’s version of security.

Investment expert Kimberly Foss offers the insight and tools you need to confidently design your investment plan and make your own choices. By guiding you through the five foundational principals of investing, she prepares you to map your course with integrity. 

– Goal setting: Life experiences, desires, personality, and more help determine your goals. 

– Planning: Hope, dreams, and opportunity don’t mean anything if you don’t have a plan.

– Commitment: You must be committed to your purpose.

– Assessment: To stay the course, first make sure you are actually on course.

– Flexibility: As long as the unexpected can occur, investors must be poised to take action when necessary.

Drawing upon her twenty-six years of experience as president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, where she advises clients of all financial backgrounds and life situations, and her own rise from humble beginnings, Kimberly offers powerful and enlightening stories. Through them, you will learn how to leverage personality, situation, and belief and apply proven wealth-building strategies to fulfill your needs and dreams.

Investment empowerment in five easy steps, Wealthy By Design will lead you to the future of your choosing.

The interview with Kimberly will be released on the Money Savage podcast on March 2nd!

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