True Values


What if there were an advertising executive who worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that knew everything about you and your friends, as well as your likes and dislikes? Imagine if the only job this executive had was to influence, persuade and, if necessary, manipulate you. What if this executive had a core set of values it wanted to impose on you, as well and products it wanted you to buy or candidates it wanted you to vote for? If you had your own clear and well thought out values, no big deal. This advertising executive would have a hard time making you alienate your core values. But what if you didn’t? What if your values weren’t crystal clear? In that case, would you be at risk of that advertising executive’s values becoming your own?

While this may be overly dramatic, the average American spends nearly one hour a day on Facebook. That’s more than any other leisure activity with the exception of watching TV. For every second of that hour on Facebook, their infamous Algorithm is hard at work, determining what content and advertisements to show on your timeline. The fictitious advertising executive mentioned above is Facebook’s code. Ignoring the influence it has on us is irresponsible.

To help you reaffirm and or solidify your true values, please complete the exercise below. Whether you’ve done an exercise like this before or not, it’s always valuable to reflect on what we truly believe.

Step one: What are my True Values? Here are some common examples.

         

Authenticity  Achievement  Adventure  Authority  Autonomy  Balance  Beauty  Boldness  Compassion  Challenge 

Citizenship  Community  Competency  Contribution  Creativity  Curiosity  Determination  Fairness  Faith  Fame 

Friendships  Fun  Growth  Happiness  Honesty  Humor  Influence Inner HarmonyJustice Kindness

  

Knowledge  Leadership  Learning  Love  Loyalty  Meaningful  Work Openness Optimism Peace

   

Pleasure  Poise  Popularity  Recognition  Religion  Reputation  Respect  Responsibility  Security Self-Respect

Service Spirituality Stability Success
Status Trustworthiness Wealth Wisdom

Why are the values I selected most important to me? How do they make me feel?

Step two: How am I living my True Values? Have I been successful at embodying them? Think about examples of how you’ve lived these values.

Step three: How can I do better at living my True Values? Are there areas I’m struggling with or coming up short? What can I do on a daily basis to fully live my True Values?

I encourage you to share this exercise with your friends and loved ones. If you have children, talk with them about it as well. As Alexander Hamilton famously said, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

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